Necessary Evil ICT



Episode 1: Jailbreak!

A trio of supervillans were rescued from the clutches of the V’Sori overlords and offered a choice — die falling from a height or agree to work with Dr. Destruction to resist the V’Sori occupation.

So, they made the obvious choice, and survived to land atop a jail in the middle of a V’sori prison compound.

Jack Rabbit Slim, Red Rory, and BJ and the Bear managed to defeat a skeleton crew of Drone guards and rescue Mindjack, in addition to a woman named Valerie Ramierez and a couple dozen other people, civilians for the most part.

2 xp (total 2)
The new omega cell (still needs a name) has an abandoned warehouse to call home.


High Points:

  1. Red Rory walks off the roof of the prison to take on 8 cyborg drones pretty much alone, while BJ and Slim put on their gear.
  2. Red Rory, surrounded by drones, goes down while BJ is trying to fight his way through to him.
  3. Red Rory emerges fresh and unharmed from his own dead body (action deck card)
  4. BJ enters the prison and is distracted by the break room candy machine for several rounds
  5. Slim bounces from roof to roof, teasing and taunting.
  6. Slim helps Rory get into the motor pool, where they find a single minitruck. Slim tries to talk to the drones to settle things down, while Rory lines up the mini truck and drives it into the building — where BJ is already head deep into a candy machine.
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